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Model 20G, 20 Gram PTT

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Size Data

Length2.00 In. (50.8 mm)
Width0.88 In. (22.6 mm)
Height0.63 In. (16.0 mm)
Weight20 Grams
Antenna Length7.75 In. (196.85 mm)
ConfigurationsBackpack, Leg Band, Subcutaneous anchor, Custom, Tubes or Loops

Operational Data

Power SourceLithium Cell
Output Power200 mW Standard (Ajustable)
Transmsission Frequency401.664 MHz
Transmit Cycle60-Second Repetition Rate Standard (Adjustable)
Operational Life500* hours continuous; less in high temps.
Operating Temperature Range-20 to +50 Degrees Celsius
Sensor Data4 bytes
SensorsBattery voltage, Duty Cycle Season, Activity, Temp.
Duty CyclesSingle or Multi-Season Programmable Duty Cycle Timers