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Model 9.5 GS, 9.5 gram solar PTT

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Size Data

Length1.68 In. (42.67 mm)
Width0.68 In. (17.27 mm)
Height0.38 In. (9.65 mm)
Weight9.5 Grams
Antenna Length7.75 In. (196.85 mm)
ConfigurationsBackpack, 3 Loops

Operational Data

Power SourceSolar Array with Battery or Capacitor
Output Power200 mW standard (Adjustable)
Transmission Frequency401.664 MHz
Transmit Cycle60-Second Repetition Rate Standard (Adjustable)
Operational LifeIndefinite, But Likely 2-5+ Years
Operating Temperature Range-20 to +50 Degrees Celsius
Sensor Data4 Bytes (1 Sensor Block)
SensorsActivity, Temperature, Duty Cycle Season, Voltage
Duty Cycles1 Simple Season