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Starting at $3150 USD

The Alteos 18g: Argos, GPS, and UHF Technology All In One Unit

‣ Solar Powered For Long Operational Life

‣ Internal 56-Channel GPS Engine; Uplink via Argos Satellite System 
   — Heading, Altitude, and Speed Recorded With Each GPS Fix

‣ Accelerometer Readings in 1, 5, or 10 Hz Bursts; or at other intervals and frequencies, user-programmable. Field downloadable via UHF Link

‣ Field Downloadable & Reprogrammable Without Recapture Via UHF Link

‣ Temperature and Accelerometer included


Dimension (w/o antenna) 54.3 mm * 27 mm * 14.5 mm

Weight Customizable from 10 grams

Argos frequency 401.62 Mhz to 401.68 Mhz

Output power Up To 500 mW – Programmable

GPS fixes per day 2 to 8 – Programmable

GPS Accuracy +/- 15 m 95% of the time

Argos transmission interval programmable

Internal sensors temperature, voltage, activity, accelerometer 

Operating temperature ̵ 20°C to 60°C

Local link (USB Key Lite or USB Performance) Up to 150 km range

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