GSM CTT sales update


North Star is temporarily ceasing to accept new orders of GSM CTTs.  We expect this cessation to last for a matter of weeks, or perhaps a month or two at most.

Roll out of New GPS GSM transmitters


North Star is rolling out our new line of GPS GSM transmitters, which we affectionately call Cellular Transmitter Terminals, or CTTs.  These CTTs collect GPS locations on a schedule and transmit them to our custom designed www data portal via the GSM cellular networks in virtually real time.  Here is a 55 gram solar CTT that was just deployed in Montana on a Golden Eagle.

North Star to Attend Annual Wildlife Society Conference


North Star will be at the Annual Wildlife Society Conference in Portland, Oregon, October 15-17.  Stop by to see us at Booth 302.

NorthStar in Peru


In the hills of northern Peru, biologist Robyn Appleton did what few scientists have done before…she found the elusive spectacled bear. The Globalstar Collar this female bear is wearing has already provided scientists with much needed data to protect this rare species, in fact it led researchers to this cub. Additional collars will continue to provide the first ever insights into the natural history and behavior of this little known species.

Arizona Department of Game & Fish


This video clip shows our Globalstar Collars being used by the Arizona Department of Game & Fish and the Arizona Department of Transportation on Desert Bighorn Sheep. The data gathered from these collars will assist both departments in wildlife management, specifically helping to avoid sheep/vehicle collisions and identifying suitable locations for sheep overpasses so that they can pass over the highway without being hurt or killed.

North Star is now on facebook!


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North Star introduces TWO NEW PTTs:


Check out the Fact Sheet for this NEW 9.5 gram Solar PTT. Click Here

Also available is our NEW 22 gram Solar GPS PTT. Contact us for details.

North Star offers satellite tracking collars for larger animals.


Our line of collars features a GPS receiver coupled with a Globalstar transmitter. This architecture allows animal tracking and monitoring data to be sent from the field to the www in real time.

Data is provided to a password protected www site (, which features a mapping application with zoomable color maps, Google maps, Google Earth visualizations, and Mapquest maps. The data is also provided in a tabular format that can be downloaded and opened in Excel for GIS applications.

For tracking applications of personnel, vehicles, and other larger assets, North Star offers a new device, called the Remote Access Satellite Sensor Link (RASSL) Tracker device. This device can track items or persons via satellite in REAL TIME, and the resulting data is displayed on a zoomable map (at, as well as in tabular form. Inquire by e-mailing