Grant Program Winners


We are proud to announce the winners of the North Star S&T Transmitter Grant Program! Congratulations to Robin Bjork with the Zoo Conservation Outreach Group, monitoring the three-wattled bellbird and Hernán Vargas with The Peregrine Fund, monitoring Andean Condors. These winners will each receive 4 PTTs to aid in their proposal. We look forward to the great things you will bring to the conservation world!

Live feeds of North Star/GeoTrak PTTs


If you have North Star/GeoTrak PTTs deployed, you can set up a subscription in Movebank to automatically collect

your data from Argos and add it to your study in Movebank. This service is free and you maintain full control and

ownership of your data. For more detailed instructions, see


Create a new live feed to your North Star/GeoTrak PTTs.

• Register for a free account and login at

• Go to Tracking Data Map > Studies, find your study or create a

new one, and select Manage Live Feeds.

• Select New and choose an import channel.

• Enter your Argos credentials and select Test connection.

• Once the connection is working, select which PTTs to import.

• Next, choose to download XML or DIAG/DS data and decide

whether you want to import and decode GPS data from North

Star/GeoTrak PTTs and import Argos Doppler locations. If you

import Argos Doppler locations, you can configure a filter based

on the Argos location class or the Douglas Argos-Filter

Argorithm (Douglas et al. 2012).

• Select Finish.

Now Accepting New GSM Cellular Transmitter Orders


North Star ST is proud to announce that we will now be accepting new GSM cellular transmitter orders. Contact 1(410)-961-6692 to buy today!

North Star Science and Technology Transmitter Grant Program


In 2003, we launched our first annual grant program and provided 3 PTTs to each of two projects in S. America, one on Pink-footed Shearwaters and one on Blue-eyed Shags. The next year, we provided 3 PTTs to a raptor migration project in N. America and another 3 PTTs to an Andean Flamingo project in S. America. In 2005, we provided 4 PTTs for a project on Christmas Island Frigatebirds, 3 PTTs to a White-rumped Vulture project in Nepal, and 1 PTT to a Whooping Crane reintroduction project in the USA. In 2006, we provided 2 PTTs to a study of Long-billed Curlews in the western USA, 1 PTT to a Black-browed Albatross project in the Falklands Islands, 2 PTTs to the continuation of the Christmas Island Frigatebird project, and 3 PTTs to a project on wintering Siberian Cranes in China. In 2007, we provided 2 PTTs to track reintroduced Whooping Cranes in the USA, 4 PTTs to track Spectacled Petrels off Brazil, and 2 PTTs to track Blue Ducks in New Zealand. In 2008, grant PTTs were used to study Bengal Florican in Cambodia, Gren Macaw in Ecuador, and the Philippine Eagle. In 2010, grant winners used our PTTs to study Koloa, Tristan Albatross, and Umbrellabirds.  In 2013, award recipients used our PTTs to study declining vulture populations in the old world.

To date, we have provided a total of 60 PTTs to the world’s research community, worth a total retail value of about $200,000.  So the next time you make a buying decision for PTTs, ask yourself if you are supporting a company that is giving something back to the research community, or not. We can only hope that your buying decisions will be affected (to some small degree) by our generosity to the clients we serve.

This year, the Grant Program will offer the usual 8 PTTs that we have offered in the past.  Our grant program is open to researchers from around the world and will allow the winners to choose the model of PTT that they want to use from our entire line of  PTTs, including GPS units. This line includes solar PTTs as small as 5 grams, along with parrot neck collars, leg band units, and/or neck collar units.

GSM Cellular Transmitter sales update


North Star is temporarily ceasing to accept new orders of GSM cellular transmitters.  We expect this cessation to last for a matter of weeks, or perhaps a month or two at most.

Roll out of New GPS GSM transmitters


North Star is rolling out our new line of GPS GSM transmitters, which we affectionately call Cellular Transmitter Terminals.  These cellular transmitters collect GPS locations on a schedule and transmit them to our custom-designed online data portal via the GSM cellular networks in virtually real time.  Here is a 55-gram solar cellular transmitter that was just deployed in Montana on a Golden Eagle.

North Star to Attend Annual Wildlife Society Conference


North Star will be at the Annual Wildlife Society Conference in Portland, Oregon, October 15-17.  Stop by to see us at Booth 302.

NorthStar in Peru


In the hills of northern Peru, biologist Robyn Appleton did what few scientists have done before…she found the elusive spectacled bear. The Globalstar Collar this female bear is wearing has already provided scientists with much needed data to protect this rare species, in fact it led researchers to this cub. Additional collars will continue to provide the first ever insights into the natural history and behavior of this little known species.