Live feeds of North Star/GeoTrak PTTs

If you have North Star/GeoTrak PTTs deployed, you can set up a subscription in Movebank to automatically collect

your data from Argos and add it to your study in Movebank. This service is free and you maintain full control and

ownership of your data. For more detailed instructions, see


Create a new live feed to your North Star/GeoTrak PTTs.

• Register for a free account and login at

• Go to Tracking Data Map > Studies, find your study or create a

new one, and select Manage Live Feeds.

• Select New and choose an import channel.

• Enter your Argos credentials and select Test connection.

• Once the connection is working, select which PTTs to import.

• Next, choose to download XML or DIAG/DS data and decide

whether you want to import and decode GPS data from North

Star/GeoTrak PTTs and import Argos Doppler locations. If you

import Argos Doppler locations, you can configure a filter based

on the Argos location class or the Douglas Argos-Filter

Argorithm (Douglas et al. 2012).

• Select Finish.