North Star staff

M. Blake Henke, Owner and President


William S. Seegar, Senior Advisor


Mike Yates, Project Consultant + Western Sales Rep


Katherine Lenzi, Assistant General Manager


Mike Henke, General Counsel


North Star Science and Technology, LLC (North Star) provides tracking, two-way monitoring, and messaging/data collection services via satellite, GSM, and other wireless communication systems. North Star specializes in wildlife tracking and monitoring, as well as environmental data collection around the world. In 1984, North Star’s founders were the first to track a migratory bird using a space asset.

Combined with modern computer-based geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing data, North Star products and services collect and leverage vast amounts of information. This information can be used to identify and refine effective strategies to conserve the world’s biodiversity and habitats, to monitor the world’s oceans and atmosphere, and to better manage and track wild (and domestic) animals.


North Star was founded to provide state-of-the-art technology in global tracking and monitoring applications for wildlife conservation research and other related markets. The mission of North Star is to provide an expert and dynamic capability, through research and development of products, that will improve the world we live in via the acquisition of information describing the natural world around us.