Tracking Systems

A tracking system is a network between transmitters in the field to a base station, providing a local hub for all data. North Star offers multiple system infrastructures, including long-range Bluetooth, long-range UHF, and short-range UFH. The base station can then transmit bulk data via GSM to a web portal, or through hardwire download.


Xerius’ BioLoc System of tags and base is fully self-contained and operates on UHF, providing a range of over 130km.

  • The range of the Xerius system makes it great for tracking domestic animals, such as free-roam cattle.

Druid’s Debut series of tags communicate through LR Bluetooth and can be configured to transmit both independently and with a base station. With the Hub, Bluetooth range is approximately 1km.

  • LR Bluetooth is useful for wildlife that frequents a location, whether that be a den or a nest.