Hub Tracking Systems

Ubiquitous networking in a portable package.

Multiple transmission modes for ultimate cost and energy efficiency.

Intelligent Mode: Accurate statistics of nest entry/exit

Automatic data downloading from nearby devices.

Compact size, durable housing, and reliable remote status monitoring.

Two choices on power supply for multiple application scenarios.



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Dimensions: 230 mm x 140 mm x 190 mm

Standard Weight: 488 g

Antenna: External (2)

GPS Accuracy: 5 m

Transmission: GPRS (2G data) | GSM (2G SMS) | NB-loT

Power Supply: Solar | Plug-in | Rechargeable battery

Battery: 7800 mAh (optional)

Water Proof: IP 68 (5 m under freshwater)

Temperature: -20°~60°

Memory: 20,000 data (460 days of regular data storage)

Core Functions:

  • Automatic data download from NANO
  • Enhanced transmission distance
  • Accurate statistics of nest entry/exit
  • Remote monitoring of gateway status