The Nano is one of the world’s smallest GPS tags for birds. It has a built-in GPS module, sensors (including accelerometer), and a wireless communication module via long-range Bluetooth. Capabilities include:

  • collecting location-based data (including heading, altitude, and speed)
  • collection environmental data (ENV data)
  • collection animal behavior data (BHV data)
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Dimensions: 36.2 mm x 12.9 mm x 8.8 mm (not including the two antennas)

Weight: 3.6 g, 2.5 g without solar panel


  • Solar Panel
  • LiPo battery, 30 mAh
  • Supports over/under-charge and low battery protection

Working Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C


  • Light sensor
  • Battery voltage
  • Pressure/temperature
  • Accelerometer

Data Collecting – Interval of environmental data (including GPS) collection:

  • 5 min ~ 24 hours (adjustable)
  • 10 min ~ 30 min (adjustable)
  • 5 min ~ 48 hours (adjustable)

Data Uploading: Uploads instantly when connecting to a Hub, Quest, or mobile phone

Range: Up to 1 km with Hub

Memory: 1 MB

Communication: Long-range Bluetooth 5.0

Maximum uplink/downlink speed: 1 Mbps/1 Mbps