Bird in flight


The Nano

The Nano is one of the world’s smallest GPS tags for birds.  It has a built-in GPS module, sensors (including accelerometer), and a wireless communication module via long-range Bluetooth.

Remote programming and data access via UHF link – no need to recapture animals. Often used for tracking animals during the breeding season that regularly return to their nests, burrows, etc.

  • Remote automatic data download
  • Memory for 130,000 GPS fixes
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Programming and data download from user-friendly interface
  • Power-saving mode: GPS can be switched off within base station range
  • UHF digital telemetry on board
  • Solar charger and diving duration logger in some models
  • Fully programmable: intervals 1-240 minutes, delayed start, accuracy, UHF communication intervals, GPS duty hours