Wildlife Research Using Drones

—North Star offers a variety of drone products and services for wildlife research and monitoring—

Drones of various shapes and sizes (both fixed wing and copter) can be used in a wide variety of wildlife research applications. These include ariel surveys, nest examinations, cliff examinations, UHF data download, VHF tracking (extends receiving range), and thermal imagery.

DRONE SERVICES—For those who can envision a drone mission (such as an aerial population survey or habitat characterization) but who do not want to purchase and operate a drone, North Star will provide those services for a low price, on a contractual basis. We provide drones and assign accompanying pilots to your region to conduct the missions. Furthermore, we provide the raw or processed aerial data whether it be high definition video, infrared, or biotelemetry.

DRONE PURCHASE—If you can envision drone missions for your wildlife research and want to purchase and operate a drone, North Star will customize the best airframe, engine, battery, and software to meet your needs. In addition to providing a finished product, we will also provide the training and software needed to operate the drone.

We accommodate any payload that you may want to fly and we provide drone products and/or services to meet any need, customized for your specific requirement. Not only can we provide fixed wing and/or rotary wing aircraft in all shapes and sizes for the same prices as “do it yourself offerings” but we include customer support to help guide you through the experience.

You decide the mission and North Star will help you select or design a drone that can meet your needs. Contact us for more details.