We are dedicated to wildlife conservation and environmental monitoring.

  • Tracking Birds

    North Star’s Bird Borne PTTs (solar and battery) offer long operational life, high location accuracy, programmable duty cycles with multiple seasons, integrated sensors, and package sizes ranging from 9.5-110 grams. GPS PTTs are available from 22 grams on up, in solar and primary battery models. New GSM units for birds operate via cellular networks and provide 2-way capabilities for the first time ever from the back of a bird. We also offer GPS loggers for birds with an integrated VHF transmitter beacon to aid in recovery.

  • Tracking Wildlife

    North Star has developed a line of wildlife tracking collars that provide GPS locations from the field to the www in real time via the Globalstar satellite system. In fact, we were the first in the industry to provide a real-time satellite collar. Expanding on that success, we now provide Iridium and GSM collars, enabling 2-way operation and real time data. We also offer a full line of GPS logging collars.

  • Tracking Assets

    North Star provides both GSM and satellite based tracking devices/systems for tracking and monitoring vehicles, objects, people, cargo, ships, and virtually any asset you might want to track. These devices operate globally and are offered at extremely low price points (starting at $275). One-way and 2-way devices are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit virtually any need.

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  • GSM CTT sales update

    North Star is temporarily ceasing to accept new orders of GSM CTTs.  We expect this cessation to last for a matter of weeks, or perhaps a month or two at most.

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  • Roll out of New GPS GSM transmitters

    North Star is rolling out our new line of GPS GSM transmitters, which we affectionately call Cellular Transmitter Terminals, or CTTs.  These CTTs collect GPS locations on a schedule and transmit them to our custom designed www data portal via the GSM cellular networks in virtually real time.  Here is a 55 gram solar CTT [...]

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  • North Star to Attend Annual Wildlife Society Conference

    North Star will be at the Annual Wildlife Society Conference in Portland, Oregon, October 15-17.  Stop by to see us at Booth 302.

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