We provide the best GPS, GSM, and PTT units on the market to track and monitor avian species and terrestrial mammals anywhere in the world, from the field to the www.

  • Tracking Birds

    North Star’s Bird Borne PTTs (solar and battery) offer long operational life, high location accuracy, programmable duty cycles with multiple seasons, integrated sensors, and package sizes ranging from 9.5-110 grams. GPS PTTs are available from 22 grams on up, in solar and primary battery models. New GSM units for birds operate via cellular networks and provide 2-way capabilities for the first time ever from the back of a bird. We also offer GPS loggers for birds with an integrated VHF transmitter beacon to aid in recovery.

  • Tracking Wildlife

    North Star has developed a line of wildlife tracking collars that provide GPS locations from the field to the www in real time via the Globalstar satellite system. In fact, we were the first in the industry to provide a real-time satellite collar. Expanding on that success, we now provide Iridium and GSM collars, enabling 2-way operation and real time data. We also offer a full line of GPS logging collars.

  • Tracking Assets

    North Star provides both GSM and satellite based tracking devices/systems for tracking and monitoring vehicles, objects, people, cargo, ships, and virtually any asset you might want to track. These devices operate globally and are offered at extremely low price points (starting at $275). One-way and 2-way devices are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit virtually any need.

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  • Lappet-Faced Vulture Takes to the Air

    Our Phoenix, attached to this Lappet-Faced Vulture, is generating some interesting data for these researchers. These are large, old-world vultures indigenous mainly to Africa. Like many old world vultures, they have been in decline since the early 1990s. In this study, conducted by Dr. Evan Buechley, two vultures were fitted with our Phoenix tags in […]

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  • North Star to attend the 2019 European Vulture Conference

    North Star’s Blake Henke is packing his bags for Portugal. For four days in October we will be joining scientists, conservationists and the public in the Algarve, Portugal for an international congress looking at the latest research and conservation of vultures in Europe and beyond. Will you be there? Want to arrange an appointment? Email […]

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  • Grant Program Winners

    We are proud to announce the winners of the North Star S & T Transmitter Grant Program! Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Satish Pande, Dr. Megan Murgatroyd, Dr. Tulsi Ram Subedi, and Antoni Margalida. Each winner will each receive Phoenix Units to aid in their proposal. To learn more about each winners’ project, click Read More below.

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