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Low Profile D-cell collar

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NSG-LD1 Component Weights

Housing and Hardware565 grams (Standard GPS antenna)
495 grams (Micro GPS antenna)
PeripheralsVHF 30-55 grams (smaller available)
Drop-off Mechanism 78-114 grams
Collar Average Weight Range665 grams (24” Collar) to 945 grams (36” collar, no peripherals)
D-Cell Battery (alone)150 grams
D-Cell Enclosure plus Board (alone)245 grams
Note: Includes GPS Receiver and Globalstar Transmitter

Battery Life Expectancy

Drop-off Battery Life3 years
VHF Battery Life3+ years
Collect/Transmit 8 GPS loc. p/day17–19 months
Collect/Transmit 6 GPS loc. p/day24–26 months
Collect/Transmit 4 GPS loc. p/day33–36 months
Collect/Transmit 3 GPS loc. p/day42–45 months
Note: Environmental conditions, such as wide variations in ambient temperatures, will reduce actual battery lives, particularly over extended deployments.

Antenna Weights (with Rexolite Cover)

Transmit Antenna60 grams
MMIII GPS Antenna110 grams
Standard GPS Antenna70 grams
Micro Mouse GPS Antenna40 grams

General Data

Output Power150 mW
Transmit Signal Length1.5 Seconds
Temp Range–40 to +50 Degrees Celsius
Frequency1611.25 to 1618.75MHz
ModulationBPSK-modulated PRN Code
GPS EngineμBlox 16 Channel
GPS Accuracy+/— 10m horz, +/— 25 vert
GPS AntennaActive
GPS DatumWGS84
VHF Power Output (VHF Mortality Available)1—2mW, 30—45ppm
Specified accuracy is 2.5 meters CEP and 5 meters SEP. CEP is Circular Error Probability. It is the radius of a horizontal circle, centered at the true antenna position, containing 50% of the fixes. SEP is Spherical Error Probability. It is the radius of a sphere, centered at the true antenna position, containing 50% of the fixes.
NOTE: We are turning off our GPS engine after 5 positions in a row (1 per second) are acquired with a horizontal accuracy of 5 meters or less.