Low Profile D-cell collar

Starting at $700 USD


  • GPS Collar offers Real Time Tracking through Globalstar Satellite System
  • Low Cost Satellite Air-Time; Real Time Data from the field to www
  • GPS Logging, Capacity of 50,000+ locations
  • Programmable Duty Cycles For GPS Logging and Transmit Functions
  • Collars Can Be Equipped with Independent VHF Unit for Conventional Tracking and Recovery; Mortality Sensor Available
  • Collars Can Be Equipped with Microprocessor Controlled Drop-Off Mechanism for easy recovery
  • Tracking Data and Mapping Functions available at www.sensorlink.biz
  • Collars Custom Fit for your Applications, Various Sizes and Configurations Available, Including Internal Padding
  • TXer Housings Available in Low Profile Configurations to Reduce Abrasion
  • No External Antennas to get Chewed Off
  • Web Based Data Secure and Password Protected
  • North Star’s Secure Customer Web Page Provides Seamless Data Fusion and Display on Google Earth™
  • Coverage Map for Globalstar Service with New Ground Stations; virtually global coverage
  • Globalstar Tracking System Incudes a ‘Non Moving’ Alarm and Geo Fence Alarm
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  • Output Power: 150 mW
  • Transmit Signal Length: 1.5 Seconds
  • Temp Range: –40 to +50 Degrees Celsius
  • Frequency: 1611.25 to 1618.75MHz
  • Modulation BPSK-modulated: PRN Code
  • GPS Engine: μBlox 16 Channel
  • GPS Accuracy: +/— 10m horz, +/— 25 vert
  • GPS Antenna: Active
  • GPS Datum: WGS84
  • VHF Power Output (VHF Mortality Available): 1—2mW, 30—45ppm

Specified accuracy is 2.5 meters CEP and 5 meters SEP. CEP is Circular Error Probability. It is the radius of a horizontal circle, centered at the true antenna position, containing 50% of the fixes. SEP is Spherical Error Probability. It is the radius of a sphere, centered at the true antenna position, containing 50% of the fixes.

NOTE: We are turning off our GPS engine after 5 positions in a row (1 per second) are acquired with a horizontal accuracy of 5 meters or less.

  • Housing and Hardware: 565 grams (Standard GPS antenna), 495 grams (Micro GPS antenna)
  • Peripherals: VHF 30-55 grams (smaller available)
  • Drop-off Mechanism: 78-114 grams
  • Collar Average Weight Range: 665 grams (24” Collar) to 945 grams (36” collar, no peripherals)
  • D-Cell Battery (alone): 150 grams
  • D-Cell Enclosure plus Board (alone): 245 grams
  • Note: Includes GPS Receiver and Globalstar Transmitter
  • Drop-off Battery Life 3 years
  • VHF Battery Life 3+ years
  • Collect/Transmit 8 GPS loc. p/day: 17–19 months
  • Collect/Transmit 6 GPS loc. p/day: 24–26 months
  • Collect/Transmit 4 GPS loc. p/day: 33–36 months
  • Collect/Transmit 3 GPS loc. p/day: 42–45 months
  • Note: Environmental conditions, such as wide variations in ambient temperatures, will reduce actual battery lives, particularly over extended deployments.
  • Transmit Antenna: 60 grams
  • MMIII GPS Antenna: 110 grams
  • Standard GPS Antenna: 70 grams
  • Micro Mouse GPS Antenna: 40 grams